LiveStream for The Little: July 1

Wednesday, July 1, 7pm

100% of donations will go to the ACLU. Check out the FaceBook event here, and this link should take you to the livestream.

Please join me for a special night of folk music hosted by The Little Theatre. I’ll be raising funds for the American Civil Liberties Union so we can all help support policy reform that manifests true racial equity in our country. Whatever you would throw in the bucket that circulates around the Little Cafe, please put that towards an end to injustice.

If you have any song requests, send ’em here!

Serenity Now!

April 30, 2020: In early April, my friend Jackson Cavalier started a facebook group, “Rochester Local Music Quarantine Challenge” where a bunch of us took to covering each others’ songs. I went rogue and played an Elizabeth Cotten song, but I played it exactly as taught to me by local Bluesman Raedwald Howland-Bolton. Well, Raed and the incomparable Tyler Westcott chose to cover my ‘Serenity Song’. And Daniel Kushner from CITY News wrote all about it here!


April 7, 2020: I want to wish everyone good health and prosperity in these trying times. It’s hard to know how our lives will change over the coming months. I’ve noticed a strengthening of the natural human bonds between us. A collective recognition of each other that provides hope for our future.

I’ve been doing my best to stay busy, so I wanted to update you on some new projects. Firstly – Circus Tent Studio.

I’ve been recording music for nearly 20 years, and I’ve finally reached a point where I will offer this service in a more frequent and professional platform. My mobile studio is primed and ready to record folk music records and videos wherever an artist is inspired. Check out the website to see some projects I’ve recorded over the years and pass it along to your folky friends!

Secondly – since I can’t meet up with my banjo students for the time being, I’ve started making some online banjo lessons. They’re free and available here on my website, and also on my YouTube channel. If you find some good advice in them, please consider leaving a donation.

CITY News reviews ‘Warm Prickly’

August 19, 2019: “Invigorating string rhythms and sympathetic melodies that are soothing to the soul.” Katie Halligan from Rochester CITY Newspaper offered this warm and thoughtful review of Benny Bleu and his debut album.

Photo by Ryan Williamson, Rochester CITY Newspaper

Facebook Rebranding

September 16, 2019: Hello Benny Bleu fans! Starting Fall 2019, my Facebook page ‘Ben Haravitch Music’ will be rebranded as ‘Benny Bleu’. This way you’ll always know when I post about upcoming shows and projects. And for all you banjo students, you can still find exciting news about workshops and lessons there.