Online Lessons


Episode 4: The third and final segment on ‘Getting to know your Metro Gnome’, and a tune lesson on ‘Western Country’ (played in double C tuning: gCGCD).

Episode 3: Part two of ‘Getting to Know your Metro Gnome’, and a tune lesson on Breaking Up Christmas.

Episode 2: A technical lesson on becoming friends with your Metro Gnome, and a tune lesson on Big Eyed Rabbit.

Episode 1: A technical lesson on forging the mind-body link in your practice, and a tune lesson on Down in the Willow Garden, played in Waltz time.


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I am currently on the faculty at the Hochstein School in Rochester, NY where I teach periodic 6-week courses for beginner and intermediate clawhammer banjo students.  Typically I teach a beginner class in the fall, and a beginner-intermediate course in the spring.  Courses consist of six weekly hour-long classes taught in a group setting.  The environment is casual, fun, and the perfect way to hone your skills as an old-time banjo player!

Clawhammer banjo workshop at Hochstein