Online Lessons


I teach clawhammer banjo lessons online these days. I like to meet folks where they’re at on their personal banjo quest, though I tend to focus on skills pertaining to groove, rhythm, playing by ear, and playing with others. I love that the clawhammer banjo can be incredibly rhythmic or incredibly melodic, or both at the same time. Another thing I like to do with students is provide another instrument to play along with. If I play chords on the guitar, you can play a melody over top. And if I play a fiddle tune, you can be the rhythmic accompaniment or the twin picker. Lessons are pretty laid back, and I like to follow your lead. But if you’re looking for a shot of inspiration or motivation, I can do that too. Check out the YouTube playlist below if you’d like to really dive into your rhythm practice.

I teach on Monday afternoons from Noon to 5pm in one-hour lesson blocks. Lessons are $40 for 45 minutes of screen time. Then I spend the next 15 minutes recording video or audio or gathering links to exemplify what we were working on. Check the booking calendar below to reserve a lesson spot at a time that’s convenient for you. Once you book it, I’ll follow up with more info.

Booking Calendar

YouTube Lessons Playlist

YouTube Playlist for intermediate clawhammer banjo players and anyone looking for tips on developing a sense of groove in their playing. In the upper right corner there is a button that allows you to choose which lesson to watch. Click the title of the video to watch on YouTube.